What happens if abnormal cells are NOT removed?

Hi everyone


Quick quesiton - what happens if abnormal cells are not removed?  Do they definitely get worse and eventually become cancerous? Or do they sometimes go away and get better? Is it a clear cut answer? (probably not but I thought I'd ask anyway!)


Hiya Sam,

               Its never a clear cut picture a people are so different. I have a mixture of CIN1 + 11 cells however due to my age and not having any children they didnt want to perform LLETZ just yet and are hoping that they might go away by themseves. So at the moment i am on 6 monthly colposcopys.

Hope that helps

Megan x

Hiya Sam

My understanding is cin 1/2 may go away without treatment and may be just monitored but cin 2/3 requires treatment usually lletz , cone etc

I have cin 3 and  unsuccessfull lletz already done so hysterectomy booked but i think if i was younger and not completed my family other options would have been looked at. Quite honestly i just want it out !

Although it feels like a lifetime to me the waiting has been minimal. I am on the fone for results etc long before a letter arrives so be persistant!

Best wishes

Kath xx

Hi girls, thanks to you both. Just have to wait and see what the doctors find from my LLETZ, if anything. I asked because I saw your treatment KAR47 and as I am 31 with two kids and no plans for anymore, I wondered what treatment options might be suggested. But then I’m thinking of everything at the moment!

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: