what happens at pre-assessment? and should I push for them to see me sooner?

I’ve posted a few times here. I’ll bore you a little with my story so far as quick as possible…

May 2015 - First Smear and First Abnormal Smear, referred for Colposopy
June 2015 - CIN1, come back in 6 months
Dec 2015 - HPV confirmed and Biopsy taken
Jan (23rd!!!) 2016 - Results back CIN3, LLETZ arranged
March (1st) 2016 - Unable to do LLETZ under local as CIN3 has spread to vaginal walls

I had hoped that March 1st LLETZ would have been done and all over with but they need to do it under General aesthetic now. I don’t have a date for that but I do have my pre-assessment on the 29th.

Wondering if anyone can tell me what happens at pre-assessment? and how long does it take?
The letter was completely useless, just told me where to go and bring a urine sample.
Also they sent me a letter to call and book this! Talk about holding me up even longer! :frowning:

Will they then arrange a date for my treatment after this?
I’d like to know when this nightmare will end. Feel like my life has been pause a long time!

For the past week I have been having weird cramps and some pressure, I get cramps while on my period and this is nothing like that completely different! So I’m feeling pretty concerned about that right now. I’ve also been getting more discharge than I normally have been as well. I wish they could see me sooner… I’m not even sure who I would need to contact at this stage but should I be worried? I feel like I should be…

Hi is the pre assessment just to prep you with you being put to sleep? I think it is the same with any op or procedure performed that way. So yes the procedure itself won't be on the same day. You are at a small risk of complication with a GA so that is why they prep. It is very minute. How is your menstrual cycle? Coz i have suffered stress with all my history and my periods altered, i suffered random pains and back ache with my worry x

Hi Millie,

I hope you are ok?

With the pre - op you are seen by a nurse who will run through your details with you, weigh and measure you. I then saw a second nurse who asked questions about my medical history, medications etc, and talked through the procedure, asking me if I had any questions. I then had to sign a couple of consent forms. I already had my op date through by then, it came by post a couple of days after the pre op letter. It might be worth chasing it up, incase it has diappeared in the post. I didn't need a urine sample at pre op, but did have to do one on the day of my LLETZ a couple of weeks later (it is to check you are not prego) I also had to have a blood sample taken, I think for blood grouping etc. That took ages and was in a different part of the hospital, but may be different for you. I was told I could have that done any time up to a couple of days before the op, but chose to sit and wait and have it done on my pre op day, as I had kind of written off that morning anyway.

With regard to pains/ cramps and discharge... Having pre cancerous changes is not meant to have any symptoms, from what I have read, but I certainly did. I had occasional shooting pains in my cervix, thicker/darker periods and thicker discharge. I also had a bit of spotting after sex. Also I think once you have a heightened sense of health awareness you can start to notice things a lot more. 

I am not you, but if I were, I would be totally chasing this up, not because anything drastic is going to happen, because the change from pre cancer to cancer is meant to take years, BUT, it is unfair to be left hanging, especially if they have told you that the area has already spread.

Take care


Thank you both the replies. Nice to know a little of what to expect and I think I should ring them and find out when my op date will be then. I've had the pre-assess letter here for over a week now. 

I havent noticed anything different with my periods, they've been the same length pretty much.

OH said the same thing about the heightened sense, could be I guess ! 

Ive been a mess, the CIN3 results came right after I was told my fertility problems are unexplained. One thing after another. All I'm left thinking is don't bad things come in threes! Going to go to a doctor I can't live with the stress and depression that all this has brought on! :(

Hi Millie, I had my pre op assessment today, they check weight, blood pressure, took blood ( about 4 vials, one is to establish your blood type)and had ecg. Also list of any medictation so you are on and some general health questions. I think they have a certain time window after it that they can do the surgery or they have to do it again, think it's something like 6 weeks, not sure though. Chase them up, I was told over 2 weeks ago that my surgery would be 24/3, still nothing through from them last Friday so I phoned and they had forgotten to book me in!

good luck x