What happens after a Lletz - feeling shaken by results

Hi everything, this in my first post - although I've been lerking around reading posts since having a smear test a few months ago which came back showing low grade abnormalities and HPV viris.


I went for a colposcoy at the end of July. I was told everything looked absolutely fine, "no sign of cancer" was the phrase... and then they went silent and took 3 bioposies. The fact they went silent worried me more than them just saying they'd found an area which looked abnormal and wanted to investigate!


I got my results yesterday and it shows CIN1 and CIN2, and they want me to have a Lletz next week.


I thought the biopsy was the last testing they do, and that the Lletz procedure was simply treatment. However, I keep reading about "the results of Lletz" and how people who had CIN2 results for the biopsy, can actually have early stage cancer which wasn't detected until the Lletz results?? Is this correct? 


I feel silly being so wobbled by this, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm contaminated in some way - which I know is irrational, and I wouldn't think of anyone else in my position like this.


Another concerm is that my fiance and I are planning on starting to try for our first baby at the end of the year, and although the majority of information online says you can still start trying straight after you get the all clear from the Lletz, and have fully recovered from the proedure - the odd bit of information saying it can effect pregnancy, scares me. 


I don't feel as though I've been given enough information from my doctors - I will, of course, ask a lot more at the Lletz appointment, but up until this point, it's almost felt like they've assumed I know everything already. 

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

I proababy won't be able to answer all your questions, but I can tell u my story and I can relate to what you are going through!

I had a borderline smear which led to a colposcopy appt, all along I was told there was nothing to be concerned about and even when chatting with the consultant before the procedure I got the same feeling, that this was all just a formality! That changed when I got in the chair, and I could sense the change of mood. I had biopsys taken and also all the abnormal cells removed there & then with a Lletz. I have no idea whether they are CIN1 2 or 3 till i get my results back (2 weeks & still waiting!)

I found the whole procedure very distressing, not too painful but I wasn't a bit prepared for what I went through & I barely asked any questions afterwards I just wanted to get out of there! So everything I know I've learned on here! 

From what I can tell, some ladies find out the CIN of their cells before dr decides on treatment needed if any. I can only assume that the consultants knew my cells would need removed from how they looked and so went ahead while I was there instead of bringing me back. That's why I have no idea  the type of cells that were removed, and other ladies do!

And yes, I think that those cells can also show signs of early cancer, I'm not an expert there as I'm still at the waiting stage, but maybe someone else will know more than me!

Good luck xx


Hi ladies

I'm the same in that I didn't realise the LLETZ sample is also tested. This was until I sat in the room with the consultant and she said about writing with the results. And again like most you're just overwhelmed and want to run as quick as you can out of there no questions asked!!!

It's just worrying me all over again as I though this was the last of it for 6 months (hopefully this is still the case!). 

Reading the posts on here have been the best and most supportive information. I feel like I'm being emotional and overreacting but everyone on here is so supportive and know how it feels. 



I should also reassure that I think I best described the LLETZ procedure as intense but short. There's no lying it's unpleasant (im needle phobic so just the thought was freaking me out!) however it is so quick and completely worth it for our long term health x

My Understanding is that the Colcoscopy is to check your cervix using the magnifier and light. If they notice anything unusual and I believe by that, a change in colour in any area around your cervix( well how else would the nakes eye spot a change) they will do a biopsy. The Biopsy results will determine whether you go back for further LETZ.  However the Letz treatment is the same. i.e. they scrape cells off your cervix but enough to remove any risky cell area they determine are there.  Once the results are back from a Colposcopy/Biopsy you may have to go back for a further Letz. But once you have your LetZ which is also examined for abnormal cells, will determine whether you actually have/had CIN 1 2 or 3 and whether they believe they have removed the offending cells/area or you need further treatment. I am not a health professionalm, I have purely picked this up over the 6 years I have been going back and for for smears, biopsies, and Letz treatment, I have to add never having more than CIN1 as a result of LETZ  and mostly having no changes detected from a biopsy following an abnormal smear with medium to high grade changes. I hope this made sense and puts your mind at rest. There has been a number of years since this LETZ and my last LETZ. So Cell changes are slow growing and also from my experience, can be removed. HPV however is a strong little beggar and just seems to plague me and never go away.

I think you got it in a nutshell MMac!!! 

And indeed HPV seems to hang around uninvited to say the least... Glad that nowadays we have a better idea of what we're looking for!