What exactly is glandular involvement?

Hi all, I was diagnosed this week with squamous cell cervical cancer. Today the gynocologist told me that I also had glandular involvement. What exactly does that mean? She tried to explain but said that we wouldn’t know the extent of spread until surgery. My oncology appointment is December 14th so hopefully I’ll learn a little more at that appointment but until then I’m feeling puzzled over the glandular involvement.

Have a look at the Jo’s Trust information pages on abnormal cells:

Glandular cells are those further up the cervical canal and they are always treated. The designation will be ‘CGIN’ rather than ‘CIN’. Cancer of the glandular cells is called adenocarcinoma, cancer of the lower cells, near the surface of the cervix, is squamous cell carcinoma. There are glandular and squamous cells in other parts of the body as well. Squamous cells are like fish scales and occur on the skin, in the internal surface of the lungs and guts and some other places (and the vagina and cervix of course). Adeno cells occur in the glands that surround your organs (epithelial cells).

Sometimes the cancer involves squamous and glandular cells - adenosquamous cervical cancer. The treatment is likely to be the same, but the chemo drug may be different.

Hope you get some answers soon about what is going on in your body. There are lots of ladies on here that have been successfully treated for adeno and squamous cell carcinomas.xxx

Exactly as Jacks has very well explained. I have an adenocarcinoma - meaning its higher up inside the cervix.

I’ve been treated with the same regime as squamous cell cancer.
Adenocarcinomas do respond to treatment but can be a little more stubborn and can take extra time - not necessarily more treatment - to bugger off.