What does your cervix feel like?

Hi everyone!

I had my second ever smear done on Tuesday (I’m 29), and at the smear the nurse told me she could see a tiny patch that looked like a ‘scratch/graze’ on my cervix. She said it doesn’t look like anything to worry about and it all looks healthy and fine, and that she thought if it was anything at all, it might be a tiny bit of erosion. My last smear was HPV negative, and I’ve had 0 symptoms of anything more sinister. Have also been with the same partner since.

I am a huge worrier so when I got home I felt my cervix and was really surprised that it did not feel how I imagined it would feel?! You always read it’s meant to be smooth, but I could feel the little graze she mentioned, and the inner portion of the cervix felt kind of rough, sort of like a tongue texture?

Are there any other ladies here who have a cervix that does not fit the Dr Google standard? I’d be so interested to hear if anyone else has a rough/bumpy cervix and if your results have also come back okay? I am down a hole of panicking that the texture being rough = something bad!

Hi catlady
Please try not to worry about this I had Cervical ectropion spotted at colpscopy described by my dr as a rough bumpy cervix (I had abnormal cells, hpv positive smear which was treated with lletz biopsy done) Cervical ectropion is nothing bad just where cells that normally grow on the inside of the cervix are on the outside it can be caused by being on the contraceptive pill long term and the drs don’t usually treat it at all if not causing issues. I also had a lump which I felt on my cervix I believe it was a cyst as this was also removed by the lletz all my biopsy’s have been just hpv positive no abnormal cells or anything bad. Hope your not waiting too long for your results x

Thank you for your reply! It’s reassuring to know other women have had a bumpy/lumpy cervix and it’s turned out to be totally harmless. I’m hoping it won’t take too long to get my results as I’ll just obsess and worry the entire time, but I know I’ve done the right thing attending my smear and getting it checked over so fingers crossed x

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Hey I was sent to colposcopy (I had it last Friday) off the back of my last smear because I had a suspected ectropian and nabothian cysts which made my cervix look ‘raised and bumpy’ which the nurse said made my cervix look unusual, so to be on the safe side I was referred. Before I got there my smear came back as negative. At colposcopy both the ectropian and cysts were confirmed and are no cause for concern. I had to have two biopsies to confirm the ectropion (it’s procedure apparently) and as she had to cauterise the biopsies with silver nitrate she did the ectropian too. Try not to worry ectropion is very common. I hope this helps.

Hey! Thanks for your reply. I’m so glad your results came back negative and that you were all clear in the end!

Can I ask what the texture of your cervix felt like, if you were able to feel it? It’s sort of sandpapery in certain areas which obviously feels alarming!

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I didn’t even think to see what mine felt like to be honest! I was too busy giving myself googleitis! :face_with_peeking_eye:If your nurse was at all worried or unsure it was an ectropian I’m sure she would have referred you. Fingers crossed your results are back soon.

Haha I can relate! Yes I was wondering if she noticed anything she felt was suspicious would she have referred me or asked for a second opinion? I’d like to think so, but I was sat there thinking is she just telling me it looks healthy and is lying! Health anxiety is so scary.