What does this mean??

I had my colposcopy done privately through work health insurance, they took a biopsy but said it was precautionary. I’ve received a letter from consultant (addressed to my doctor) that said ‘the transformation zone was visualised in its entirety. There was some minor ace to white change which has been biopsied’. 


What does this mean? I’m worried obviously, should I be? I thought all was fine and it was just precautionary. If someone could rest my mind I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!


did you have a smear prior to your colposcopy that showed some cell changes?. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about and simply means when they applied the dye the abnormal cells turned white and the area of abnormality was seen. Of course im no doctor (wish I was) so can’t say for certain.

i had low grade change and had a colposcopy on Monday. A white area was seen and biopsies and I’m waiting for results to confirm if I’ll need treatment.