What does this mean?

I'm hoping someone can help me decipher this letter I received today. It was sent to my GP by the nurse that performed my colposcopy:

"the squamocolumar junction was clearly visible. No high grade lesions were visible. At the anterior lip there were some translucent acetowhite changes plus some fine punctuation."

"I have reassured Emma that I will write to her when I have received the biopsy result together with a management plan."

Surely it must be something bad if they are talking about a management plan?

Can anyone shed some light on this? It's making me feel sick with worry! 

I'm not sure what that means but ring the clinic and ask them tell them you don't understand and can they explain best of luck x

It's just explaining what they saw during exam. Sound positive. Only minor changes by looks of it. Yay! Now they are just waiting for results to decide on treatment plan... ie watch & wait or lletz if biopsy shows high grade changes (which seems unlikely looking at above)


Yes - thats positive news.

They are basically discussing whether to perform the treatment or not. You have very low grade and sometimes low grade can sort itself out, without having the LLETZ treatment.

They might do the treatment just incase though. BUt definitely good-ish news :)

Thanks so much for your responses!! Definitely not worrying as much now Smile