What does this mean? Asymmetrical ectopy with squamous metaplasia?

Hi girls can u help? I have got a letter that the colposcopy consultant emailed my gp and myself. He said that they are waiting for biopsy results and my transvaginal scan but that he could see on colposcopy an area of asymmetrical ectopy with squamous metaplasia and CIN2 I've googled but now more confused? Any ideas x

Really sorry I have no idea! Thought this night give your a post a bump though. 

Have you tried the ask the expert bit? 

Iv never used it but see alot of the other women have & found it useless.

So sorry I couldn't be of more help



My doctors report also said I have squamous metaplasia - from what I gathered these are young cells. In the transformation zone cells are constantly renewing and I think produce an area of metaplasia. From what I understand this is totally benign

Please dont take my word for it though - why dont you email the helpline on here? 

Either way I had the same on my report and it wasnt anything sinister. Sure you prob know what CIN2 is by now!!



Thanks guys kinda have read up a little and will just wait for biopsy results. Scan now booked for 27th November x