What does my biopsy result mean?! X

Hello ladies, I got my biopsy results today and I was just a little bit unsure of the result. It says that I have ungraded CIN and I'm booked in for a lletz on the 27th march. So just wondered if anybody else had the "ungraded CIN" result and if so do they know the reason why it is ungraded and not a number? Any info is so much appreciated and if you've experienced this result yourself what happend to your lletz result? Thank you. Xx

Hiya, if it's ungraded then they are not sure what grade CIN you have or that's what I presume,

once you've had the actual treatment they will then test those cells and hopefully they'll tell you what grade you

had xxx

Thanx Lola for your reply, 

its just rare as i have been reading this forum for a few months now and never seen anyone get that result. I didn't know if ur meant my biopsy sample wasn't good enough, or wether it meant that possibly they could see a mixture of CIN and so couldn't decide. Thank you for your reply xxx

I'm unsure why don't you give them a ring and ask there's no harm in it

and really that's what they are there for, maybe you have a mixture? But I know on my colposcopy he could see cin2 and cin3 but

my results have came back all cin3 I don't have the actual report to hand but I was told via phone this morning

give them a ring and see what they say hun


good luck xxx