What does multidisciplinary team do?

Hey everyone im new to this site but was after some information. Heres my story so far.

I went for my first smear and got a call from the hospital colpscopy clinic within a matter of days and explained it was urgent they saw me that day, so i went into colopscopy and they explained i had high grade cin3. they performed lletz procedure on me and said hopefully thay would of cleared all the abnormal cells and they will write to me in a few weeks with the results.

i got my letter 3 weeks llater and it has no results but says my results are ready but they need to discuss my leep results and smear results their multidisciplinary team and that they will write to me in the next few weeks with my results and management plan.

Can anyone shed any light on why they would need to do this? does this mean it is something more serious than cin3? sorry if i sound nieve i just need some answers and the waiting is eating me up in my head, id rather no the outcome and deal with it head on then be in the dark. when i have put mdt into google it brings up that you have already been diagnosed with cc, so now im really worried.

thanks for reading this far x


I wanted to reply as I'm in a similar situation.

My background is, I had my first ever smear test in May 2012 and had a colposcopy a couple of weeks after, no treatment just biopsies and my results came back normal (just possible imflammation due to infection).

I went back to my GP surgery in December 2012 to have my follow up smear as agreed. I had a call the week after to say I had an appointment for a colposcopy 3 days later. At colposcopy I was told she could see severe changes, she didn't do any treatment though and just took biopsies. This was on 21st December. I was told my results would be back in a week (xmas/NY depending)

I'm still waiting for my official results however I was very anxious so I've been on the phone to them a couple of times. I've been told the results have come back ok, showing inflammation and hormone related changes. The second time I phoned I was told a letter was waiting to be signed by the consultant however my results will be discussed at MDT next week. It was explained this is because my results came back so different to what she thought she saw. I think this is good news, but I'm not sure they know what to do next!

I've done a bit of research (so hard to stay away from Google!) and I've read on some websites that they may discuss results at MDT to simply avoid over treatment.

Why don't you give them a ring for a bit of reassurance? I found it helpful when I did and it may put your mind at rest :)

All I know about the MDT is that several consultants, nurses etc meet and discuss results and future management. Maybe they aren't sure whether you need a further lletz or just monitoring? I believe they all put their heads together and make a decision.

Try not to worry until you hear back from them - Keep us updated and I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to ask anything else if you need to.


Thank you for your reply and sharing your story with me. I think thats really great that they were able to tell you so much over the phone. I have rang twice so far and keep getting the same story that they are unable to discuss my results over the phone but not to worry I will recieve a letter in due course. I also asked them about mdt and she also said what you mentioned above where a team of specilists will get together to discuss my results from leep and smear result as the results may change slightly.

the reason i think its got me so worried is because eveytime ive tried to research mdt and what they do it comes up that its specilists who get together to discuss the best management for patients with cervical cancer, as far as i am aware i have cin3 but again i wont know anymore till i actually get my results.

i hate all this waiting, i waited 3 and a half weeks for my letter and now im waiting even longer to get my results. How long have you been waiting so far for yours?


Did you hear anything back? Or any progress?
I still haven't heard anything and overall I've been waiting nearly 6 weeks! I went for my colposcopy on 21st December and I haven't even had the result letter from that. I've just rang twice myself and been given information over the phone. Not a clue when the mdt meeting is at my hospital. Thought it might have been nice of them to send me a letter though after this long! 
Do you know when the mdt takes place at your hospital? 

hi there im so sorry for such a late reply, i finally got a letter saying cin3 was successfully removed with leep and will require a 6 monthly check up. How did you get on? x