What does multidisciplinary team do?

Hey everyone im new to this site but was after some information. Heres my story so far.

I went for my first smear and got a call from the hospital colpscopy clinic within a matter of days and explained it was urgent they saw me that day, so i went into colopscopy and they explained i had high grade cin3. they performed lletz procedure on me and said hopefully thay would of cleared all the abnormal cells and they will write to me in a few weeks with the results.

i got my letter 3 weeks llater and it has no results but says my results are ready but they need to discuss my leep results and smear results their multidisciplinary team and that they will write to me in the next few weeks with my results and management plan.

Can anyone shed any light on why they would need to do this? does this mean it is something more serious than cin3? sorry if i sound nieve i just need some answers and the waiting is eating me up in my head, id rather no the outcome and deal with it head on then be in the dark. when i have put mdt into google it brings up that you have already been diagnosed with cc, so now im really worried.

thanks for reading this far x