What does follow up post treatment look like?

I'm curious to know what everyone's follow up post treatment looks like.  For reference, I'm in the US, had a tumor just under 4cm that was hard to stage.  PET showed a suspicious lymph node but no localized spread.  MRI showed localized spread into my vagina and parametrium, but the doctors discredited that scan.  So I don't have a clear idea of my actual staging.  

Policy for follow up is periodic pelvic exams.  I just had one at 7 weeks post treament.  The doctor couldn't see any tumor, but he also couldn't get the speculum to open (time to use those dialators!).  My next pelvic exam is in 3 months.  Given that I've had regular PAP smears, including one last year that came back as normal, and the doctor said my cervix looked healthy, but this year I had a 4cm tumor with a cancer that's supposed to be slow growing, I worry that a visual exam isn't quite enough.  But wondering what all you have had done for your follow ups?

Hi Slicknic

It seems everywhere has different post treatment check up plans. I’m in the UK and it even seems to vary depending on hospital here.

I seem to have had every scan going but only one internal exam at diagnosis and have to say the scans are causing me such worry I almost wish someone would just examine me ... I Guess we always want what we dont get. I had a 6 weeks post treatment check up, this was just a chat about symptoms then my recent 3 month scan which has sent me into crazy panic (this was an MRI) ... it sounds like you are doing great and are getting good results and I wish you the very best xx

Hi slicknic, 

I'm also in the US and sounds like we had pretty similar circumstances...but treatment/follow up does seem to vary slightly place to place.  My tumor was >4cm with parametrial invasion and a "flicker" in some near by lymph nodes. I was staged 2B, but I think it was because of that greater than 4cm criteria. Finished chemoradiation 10/5, had a pelvic exam about 4 weeks after that (they told me everything looked great), and I'm having first follow up PET/MRI tomorrow, which will be about 1.5 months (freaking out a bit Yell) and then after that if everything is ok I see my doc again 3 months out. Not sure if that involes more scans or what. 

Hi slicknic :-)

In Greece I had a CT scan every six months for four years, then one a year later, and they are still interested to scan me every 24 months. I have to say that having had all that radiotherapy and all those CT scans my poor bowel does not react at all well to any additional radiation.

Be lucky :-)