What does "crypt involvement" mean in results?

I saw the histology (not sure if that's the right term!) report for my biopsy yesterday. It confirmed cin2/3 and also there was involvement of the crypts. I've tried googling it but can't really find an explanation of what this means! As far as I could tell it means the cells have reached a deeper layer in the cervix? My treatment is going to be lletz and I'm just worried they won't be able to tell if they've gone deep enough if it's right up inside me and that I'll end up having to have a cone anyway... Which may affect me being able to have children in the future. Any got any ideas of what the implications of crypt involvement are? 

Hi Littlecat :-)

I've never heard of this one either but I would think that it doesn't mean a deeper layer within the cervix. I would think (don't really know for sure) that it might mean further up inside the canal or perhaps where the edges of the cervix join the vagina wall. Not long to wait until your LLETZ so ask them then :-)

And let us know what the answer is please :-)

Be lucky


Yeah up inside the canal I think, bit worried a lletz won't reach it all. I try to ask on Monday but they're never that willing to discuss things like that and I just get told "it's fine". 

Tell them there's a gang of about 46,000 women who want to know the answer


(maybe not quite that many but hey - who's counting? ;-)

My results had this too but C1a1. I tried googling and couldn't find anything. And then forgot to ask at my check up so would like to know too. My doctor did say because of the size of the cancer (less than 0.1mm) that but was classed as 1a1 because of where it was so maybe yes it does mean up further?? I got the 6 month all clear last week X x

My histology also said this! 'Some crypt involvement', I did a lot of research and Took it to mean that it had gone a tiny bit further in. My LLETZ showed cleared margins however and once this baby is born I will have my very late 6 month check! This might be a good question to ask the expert?? I also read that most cases of CIN3 have crypt involvement. X

Do any of you remember what endocervical crypts are?