What does clear CT scan mean?

Hello lovelies,

went to GP today in the hopes of sneaking some information before my meeting with the gym/once next week. She said my CT results were in and clear. I'm pleased obviously, but am I right in thinking that the MRI could still throw up lymph node involvement?

im not too sure what scan looks for what!


Molly xx

Hi it's great news that your scan is all clear. Usually a pet scan is bit better at flagging up lymph nodes etc although that doesn't take away from the mri it's just a bit easier to tell I think. I've had every scan going but my oncologist said the mri is very important for dimension and location of ur organs etc. Sure they would have mentioned if ur lymph nodes were involved. Didn't know you could contact ur gp I'm slowly going insane here waiting on results xx

Yes it was sneaky of me but I'm glad I did! Try it!

Thanks for your reply, really hoping to avoid any treatment other than the hyst!

Molly xxx

Got everything crossed for you Molly xxx

Hi Molly,

Good luck for Monday.Hope it all goes well.

Lets us know if you need any advice/comfort.

Take care

Becky xx

Thanks girls,

been called for another MRI! Apparently they didn't scan somewhere they should have. Grr. they still want to go ahead with plan on Monday though. But apparently there are LOADS of ladies needing treatment at the mo, so may have to wait for hyst. Roller coaster? More like Alton towers!!!

love, Molly xxx

My understanding which may be wrong is that the CT was to see if it had spread to lungs/liver. If that was clear the MRI can give a clear picture of the tumour and also an indication of Lymph node involvement. How annoying you have to go back for another MRI. All the best.