What do the different results mean?

Hello again,

I posted the other day after having LLETZ last week, still feeling pretty awful but having read through this forum see that’s quite normal. I foolishly thought I’d be fine after a few days.

I don’t really understand what stage of the process I am at and wondered if anyone on here might be able to help but my mind at ease. I had a smear which showed HPV (2nd year in a row) and abnormal cells, so then a colposcopy and biopsy which showed HPV and high grade dyskaryosis (no idea what this means), and am now waiting for the results of the LLETZ, but I am unsure if I am just waiting for them to confirm they have clear margins on what they removed or if it was cancerous as well? I assume the biopsy would have shown if it was cancerous, but don’t understand enough about this stuff to know if the LLETZ is what will determine if it is or not. Any help or understanding of the situation would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this makes sense and you are all having a good day xxx

Hello :slight_smile: I had the same exact smear results as you before I had my LEEP done in July of this year. My biopsy at colposcopy showed CIN2, then once my LEEP results came back it simply confirmed that it was only CIN2 changes and they got clear margins (meaning all the abnormal cells had been removed).

From my understanding, when the actual procedure is done and they are able to go in deeper to remove said cells they are given a much more accurate result as to the level of changes. Some people have a variation between biopsy and actual LEEP results I’ve seen on the forum. I hope you get your results soon and have clear margins so you can move on with life :slight_smile: it can definitely be a stressful situation but it does get better!

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Thank you, this is reassuring to know! I don’t think I’ve been told anything about CIN2 or 3, I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on here but haven’t been told anything by the doctors. Will be good to get results sorted and move on like you say.

This forum is great for support in the mean time x