What do results mean?

Hi all,
After having an HPV pos result 4 years ago (after being single 4 years and no sex) i was convinced HPV was runnkng rampant in my body and couldnt clear it. Weirdly next one came back neg (hurray)
Had my test last week and logged on to doctors website to my account tonight as am getting anxious waiting for my letter.
Says HPV neg 4 days after test (yay) but same day of test also says cytology normal. Does that mean they tested cells as well? And results on the same day?!
Why would they test if there was no HPV - thought it was only a full test if HPV was present - or have i misunderstood the meaning of cytology?
Thanks all. Have been worrying so much about this.
Currently says recall date is 2026 so hoping this means all good…

When you had HR-HPV present, did they do any colposcopy to you? Do you know which strain you had?

Hi, no the NHS letter just said positive and then on the retest was neg 3 months later. Didnt say what strain or anything. No other followup after the neg one came through, until last week which was my 3 yearly one.

Thats definitely scary! I really hope things go well for you. Xx