What do I do?

I wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

I'm 19 and first went to the doctors last year as I was experiencing heavy bleeding and pain after sex and days after as well. They done a smear which got refused because I was too young" my symptoms weren't improving so I went back and it took a few times before I was refferred to a gynecologist she also done a smear which also got refused for the same reason (had been waiting weeks for results to be told same thing) I then had to go for a biopsy which they said they'd have done anyways but was put through pain of smears anyways. Before she done the biopsy she mentioned HPV then waited on results for that to come back insufficient. I then had to go back this time it was someone different and they said they wouldn't do a biopsy as it's common my symptoms but they done a cold coagulation for the 4 weeks I had discharge and bleeding then it stopped and once I had sex again there was no blood but pain. I get really bad stomach cramps on my period that makes me struggle to do anything as the pain is really bad. I always experience this pain and I worry about my boyfriend leaving me because of all these problems.I've been told to just wait till i'm 20 to go for my smear. (3rd time) what to do?

Oh sweetheart this must be so worrying and frustrating for you. You are doing the right thing and being persistent. If things don't seem right to you, you have to keep insisting on getting help / investigation.  I don't know if Jos helpline would be any good. I know Jos are concerned about younger women being denied smears so they may have some good advice. I am much older than u and my hpv and abnormalities were picked up in smears so can't advise based on my experience. However I think if you feel things aren't right you are 100% correct to go to docs. Maybe if you feel your docs aren't doing enough then a GUM or sexual health clinic might be better.  Hope you have success at getting to the bottom of this xx