What could this be if not cancer?

Sorry for the long post but I’m worried this could be cancer.

I noticed my cervix was red so I went to the doctor and she said it was ectropion. She said she couldn’t see any ulceration or anything cancery.

I looked again later and could clearly see a white plaque-like area. I accepted it could be mucus or something, so checked again on subsequent days. It was still there. I showed the photos to my doctor and she could see it. However, she couldn’t examine me properly again because I’d started my period (unless that was cancer bleeding). She did say that it wasn’t anything malignant because it wasn’t there when she checked (it definitely was, she just missed it) and she would be surprised if lots of nurses and consultants hadn’t spotted it during my recent miscarriage. But most of the times they looked at it I’d have been bleeding! Plus, it’s not super obvious. My doctor couldn’t tell me what else it could be. It definitely looks like cancer. I’ve been tested for infection and it’s clear.

I’m going back in soon when my period has stopped, and she’s booked me to see a gynecologist just in case.

I also sent the photos to an oncological consultant on JustAnswer and spoke to him on the phone. He said it wasn’t cancer. However, I’m pretty sure the doctors on that site just say anything to reassure you!

I have had at clear smears in the past, the most recent being December 2016. However, I know smears aren’t always accurate. Especially if the cancer had started in the cervical canal.

It just looks messed up. All red (supposed ectropion) and then this white plaque-like area. I honestly don’t know what that could be apart from cancer.

The last man I was with was very promiscuous and could easily have given me HPV.

I have occasionally had mid-cycle spotting in the past, and occasionally bleeding after sex. Recently I’ve had some lower abdominal discomfort but have attributed that to ovarian cysts and general post-miscarriage issues. My HCG is also somewhat elevated (latest result tomorrow) and cervical cancers can excrete HCG. I really shouldn’t have HCG left in my system now from the miscarriage. It’s been several weeks. I’ve also had some discomfort occasionally during urination, going back a few months.

Don’t know if anyone has any ideas what else this could be, if not cancer? I can’t see for the life of me what else it could be and even my doctor said “I don’t know”!

hi there,

First of all I am really sorry to hear anout your miscarriage.

I can see why something like this could worry you, as anything abnormal ‘down there’ can be a cause for concern. You have done the right thing by going to see your doctor who are trying to reassure you that it is nothing serious. Please do not take offence when I say that you’re letting the anxiety get the better of you. Speculating is the worst thing that someone in your situation could do. The symptoms that you’re experiencing could be caused by other, minor health issues. I know this is difficult to hear but please wait to see your gynaecologist to make any assumptions about your situation as worrying will only make you feel worse. Trust me when I say this comes from somebody with experience  of overthinking health issues. I know this isn’t exactly helpful but I hope you find out what’s going on soon. 

Thanks Aggie. You're right that I'm letting my anxiety get the better of me. I bought an endoscope to take up close pictures of my cervix! It looks really messed up. The red patch has sort of branches and is a very irregular shape... like a snail head with antenna or something. I also have quite a few what appear to be very small Nabothian follicles in the red area. Didn't think you could get follicles in an ectropion though :/ Wish I could post a picture so you could see how messed up this thing looks!

My doctor wouldn't have been able to see this without the endoscope. She has admitted the red patch is a strange shape but is sticking by the ectropion diagnosis. I am just worried as I know plenty of women have been misdiagnosed with ectropion, particularly with adenocarcinoma. If I had that, it would explain why my smears have been clear as obviously it's harder to pick up.

I'll find out if I'm HPV positive next week.

Then gynecologist on the 22nd. I'm not even sure what to expect at that appointment. Can she even diagnose me? Would she do an acetic acid test? I just can't stand the waiting.

I get random pains inside my pelvic bones sometimes, and sometimes lower back pain. I do have scoliosis though. I've had mid-cycle spotting and spotting after sex before, but rarely. I'm not really sure if my cycles area regular or not. They come at more or less the same time each month, but the days bleeding can vary.

Sorry I think I'm just spouting now. But I am concerned about this.