What could it mean?

Hi, This is my first time posting, so it could be a long one.
I have struggled for the past 3 years with ongoing symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain, debilitating periods lasting 10-14 days, low back pain, hip thigh buttock pains. Irregular bleeding and post sex/orgasm bleeding and pain during and after sex, weight gain, bloating, bowel and bladder problems, I was 33 when all of this began with 2 children I am now 36, all of these symptoms have progressively gotten worse, I have had some tests operations and so far have been diagnosed with endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. I have had smear tests from being 18 all have always been uneventful painless and normal. Back in November my 3 yearly smear was done and it was extremely painful and made me bleed, I got the results back within 1 week stating high grade (moderate) dyskariosis, and was booked in for colposcopy and possibly Lletz a week later, again the colposcopy and lletz was extremely painful so much so that I needed extra anaesthetic and even having this felt like I was being stabbed deep inside. And the lletz was still very painful. I am on strong pain relief all the time to manage my symptoms including morphine so to be in this amount of pain was scary to think how bad it would have been. I am obviously in the minority here though as I’ve read a lot of women don’t feel anything, I put it down to possibly everything being inflamed and tender down there due to endo. So I was then on the wait for my results, was told 2-4 weeks, it’s 6 weeks today and I finally get a letter asking me to attend gynaecology next week for another colposcopy!!! No mention of results from lletz or anything.

So basically I am wanted to know has this happened to anyone else and everything has been ok? Or why would I need another colposcopy? I am obviously worried due to still being in so much pain and struggling with symptoms and ongoing health problems. I’m thinking maybe it is cc and finally they have discovered what has been causing all my problems. Any advice or input would be great thanks xx

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and discomfort. After many uneventful and painless smears myself, my one at the end of November was uncomfortable and made me bleed. At colposcopy I had to have 4 injections to cervix to numb it (not sure what the normal dose is) yet I still yelped out in pain as they were doing the biopsy. Dr brushed it off and said it's just period type cramps I was feeling low in my tummy. But it wasn't. I felt what he was doing and whilst I couldn't pinpoint where or how it felt..... it was like how you described.... being hurt deep inside. 

I'm not sure what a second colposcopy could mean. Maybe to check that all abnormal cells have been removed? 

I'm currently on week 4 of a 6-8 week wait for biopsy results and I hate all the waiting around. I have other symptoms which I didn't realise were symptoms of cervical cancer  (until Dr Google told me) so naturally I am worrying myself silly. 

I hope all goes well for you next week. Please tryand keep us updated :-) xx

Thank you for responding, it's a horrible thing to go through isn't it?! I really hope your results hurry up and get to you you. I will update after my appointment next week.


Hi hun, sorry to see your in so much pain. I dont have anything to advise in the colposcopy area, but i have family with endo. Im wondering if maybe you could speak to your consultant from there and see if they can shed any light for you? Xx

Evening ladies, i had my colposcopy on 22nd dec (2 x punch biopsy taken). I havent had my results back yet but i have received my next appointment (under 3 weeks after biopsy taken) booked for 1st feb. Not sure what this is for. Quite stressed 'cause i have no answers and i was told the results would be inbetween 4-6 weeks. Is it worse that they have already booked me an appointment under 3 weeks from my 1st colposcopy? I hate the waiting around.


Just an update. I went to my colposcopy appointment on Tuesday 24/1/17. They told me that what was removed during lletz was in fact cervical cancer. I am booked in on the 31/1/17 under general anaesthetic to have another lletz and a look around to see what's going on. Obviously I am really worried with all symptoms that I have that it will be advanced. I am trying to stay strong for my husband children family and friends but it isn't easy. Stay strong ladies xxx

Hope your appointment went ok. Keep strong xx