What comes after LLETZ?

Hi girls :)

Well I have been reading through all of your posts for the past few weeks and taken lots of comfort from them so thought it was time I signed up and said hello!

I'm Suzie, 25 and had my first smear test last month. I too got the dreaded phonecall from my GP saying it showed abnormal results, got the dreaded letter saying I had severe dyskaryosis and needed to go in for colposcopy etc.

When I attended for colposcopy they gave me LLETZ at the same time - which I was very glad of, as I know not all areas do this. Then they told me they'd be in touch with the results. They said if everything was OK they would simply write to me saying so, but if there was any problems they'd need to see me in the clinic...

Sooo, last week I got that letter I didn't want to get, saying they had my results and would see me in clinic in one week to discuss them. My appointment is tomorrow but I just cannot bare waiting any longer!!

My question is - does anyone have any idea what it could be? I am realistic and know that I'm being called in because it isn't all OK, but I can't seem to find a lot of information on actually WHAT the problem or might be or what the next stage of treatment is after LLETZ if there's still a problem?

Any thoughts or input would be very gratefully received!


Hi, I had lletz recently to remove cgin abnormal cells. I went in in person to get my results today after they booked me an appt and they told me that they have removed all the cgin cells they found and they want to see me again in 6 months.

I'm taking comfort that they told me they were able to remove all the cells, don't panic about going in in person.  Will you let me know how you get on?


That's really good news Roxy :) I bet you were so relieved. It's good to know they told you in person, some part of me is still hoping they are going to tell me good news but I hadn't actually heard of anyone being called in for an appointment just to be told good news so I had dismissed that idea!

I think all the waiting has got on top of me tonight & I have been sitting here having a good cry for ages, it just seems so cruel to me how they keep girls waiting with things like this. Yes I will be back on to share my news & hopefully it will help others who are going through similar situations.


Hi Suze,

I think Roxy is right. I know it’s hard, but try not to second guess your results if you can. In the time I’ve been on here I’ve learnt that there is no consistency on how different units approach this (and even medics within the same unit). You’ll only know for sure when you know for sure.

Waiting sucks, but you are nearly there. Try to distract yourself - watch a movie or listen to some music, then try to get some sleep. Getting yourself into a state won’t help (but you knew that, right?).

Good luck tomorrow and know that, whatever happens, we’ll help you through it if we can. Hugs xxx

Gosh thank you! That last line made me well up again! You're such a lovely bunch on here, it's so nice having this support network x

Good luck today Suzie! Will be thinking of you xx

Hi Suzie!! 

How did it go today?

thinking of you :)

Hi girls!

Well I knew it was bad when I went into the room and saw the doctor and nurse sitting there. I'm a nurse myself so have seen the 'bad news' conversation plenty of times! But it turns out it wasn't bad as I thought - I have been extremely lucky!

The doctor told me that the sample they sent away from my LLETZ treatment was confirmed cancerous -not pre-cancerous, but ACTUAL cancerous cells. She said the nurse who took the sample did a great job and it looks like she has removed it all. However, they do want to be sure so I am going to be discussed at MDT next week and I will either need to have a cone biopsy to make sure it hasn't gone any further, or they will just sit on me for a while and do a repeat colposcopy in 3 months. She said I'm going to be watched very closely & will be under their care for a long time, but she seemed hopeful and said I have been really, really lucky and came in the nick of time.



Sorry to hear that! On the bright side, it sounds like they've done a brilliant job! I bet your grateful for that at least...at least you will be monitored and kept an eye on.


Thinking of you x



Sorry to hear that! On the bright side, it sounds like they've done a brilliant job! I bet your grateful for that at least...at least you will be monitored and kept an eye on.


Thinking of you x

Hi Suzie,


what shocking news for you to take in today.  What great news that they managed to get all the cells!!!


how are you feeling? Xxx

I'm just still in complete shock to be honest! I keep feeling complete relief and thinking "I'm OK, they've found it, they've removed it, I'm safe" but then I keep reminding myself that until I've had my cone biopsy I'm not out of the woods yet.

I'm about to email my oncology nurse now and ask her to ring me on Monday, just to go over the results with me again - I just need to hear it again for it to sink in and fully understand it. My oncology nurse was my mentor when I was a student nurse so it will be weird to be in touch with her in this way! 

Suzie, it's hard not to worry about these things! They have done a fantastic job so far! and hopefully the fact that you know your oncology nurse will put you at ease as well! I hope you have been taking it easy, and have been spoilt over the last few days, if you need a chat we are all here to listen! at least they've hopefully caught it early enough to xx