What causes the discharge after treatment?

Hi all. I had thermal treatment last Friday and I know that you get watery discharge but I was just wondering what is it exactly and where is it coming from inside me? Is it the process of the area burnt healing creating the discharge?

Thanks guys

Hi Rose :-)

I'm really sorry to see that nobody has answered this one for you. I've been taking a back seat here for a few days but I hate to see people going unanswered because I know exactly how that feels. I have not had the treatment you mention and have not had watery discharge but to the very best of my understanding this is lymph fluid and absolutely nothing at all to worry about.

You know that clear liquid you get in a blister? Same stuff. You get the same when you graze your skin but not deep enough to bleed or when you burn yourself, and I reckon thermal treatment is probably a little like burning yourself.

Be lucky :-)