What can the biopsy show?

Hello ladies. 

I'm 3 weeks into the wait for results following my colposcopy. I didn't have lletz but they took 2 punch biopsies for suspected CIN2. My question is, would the biopsy show CC or is it only the removal through lletz that shows that?


Thank you xx


Can a punch biopsy show CC? Yes

Will your biopsy show CC? most pobably not. Cin 2 is a long way away from Cancer and if they thought there was a likelihood of Cancer they would probably of taken a bigger sample. Also bad news tends to travel faster. So although I sympathise with your long wait for results it is actually a positive thing.

Waiting for results is always the very worst time. Try and keep busy, and try (and I know it's almost impossible!) to not let your mind run away with you.

Good luck with your results! 

Thank you for your reply. I'm sure it won't anything too nasty but was just wondering if that was something that the biopsey could show 


take care x