What can I expect

i've been scanning through this forum and trying to educate myself.  I've found lots of great advice but I'm not yet sure where I fit in or what I'm to expect. Any and all help would be appreciated. 

Had a Pap test done i believe June 1st.  Got that dreaded call that i needed to be seen in the office to discuss results.  I was told my Pap came back with HGSIL cells in addition to definent cancer cells. That was Tuesday June 6th. and an apt for me to see a gynecological oncologist was set for June 14(tomorrow).   I would love to prepare myself and my husband for this appointment. But I haven't found anyone with a Day one visit.  Any and all advice and info would help me calm my nerves. 

Wish  i cud help  but  my first  trip to the oncologist  is a bit of a daze i remember crying  all  way  threw  appointment  as i was  so overwhelmed i remember  having  an internal  exam n her examing my  back passage  2 sorry i carnt  b more  help  xx