What can I do?

Hi Girls,

I was just wondering what I can do to help an raise awarness…sorry if that sounds like a stupid question.

Very happy to get hold of some posters to put up in my local surgery, but ideas how can go about arranging a bit more? Or some kind of fund raising…?

Are there many of you down my way by the way? Cornwall?


Hi Clairise

I just read your post. Thank you very much for your offer to do something to raise awareness. If you send me a PM with your address I will put some leaflets, posters and other information in the post to you to leave with your local GP/gynaecological clinic. Posters (reminding women to go for their smear when invited) can be put up in ladies toilets such as restaurants and pubs, with the owner’s permission.

If you feel you would like to raise awareness with a radio interview or magazine article please send me a PM with a contact telephone number. We can then contact you when we are contacted by reporters and others from the media.

If you would like to do some fund raising clicking on this link may give you some ideas:-


A Walk for Fun has not been organised near you, but if you would like to gather a few friends and family together to raise awareness that would be great! You could even raise awareness on a blog, Facebook or My Space too!

Thank you for your offer to help; it really is appreciated.

Best wishes