What are the outcomes of a biopsy

Hi, I’m 26 years old and went for my first ever smear test on the 9th December. I found out on xmas eve that I had severe abnormalities in my cells and they referred me to the hospital for a colposcopy, biopsy and LLETZ treatment on the 28th December. So I am now 2 days post treatment. I am was so scared going for my treatment but the Dr and nurses were so lovely. Although I did nearly passed out twice - mind over matter! I worked myself up so much that when the procedure was taking place it was alot less painful and much quicker than I expected. Now that is out the way? I am sick with worry about biopsy results, what are the possible outcomes? Does anybody know? I haven’t slept well at all for the past 2 nights worrying about this. I have experienced no blood after the treatment either , is this normal? I have lots of discharge but no blood.


Hi there ... am sure the blood will come.  I had all the above treatment you mentioned around the 21st. It just so happened I started my period on the morning of the colposcopy but afterwards I didn't bleed for a couple of days. Then I had what I guess was my normal period. I did also have those little black bits when wiping that some people have spoken about. All nothing to worry about. 

I'm now 10 days post biopsy..... and I "smell". I've stopped bleeding but continuing to lose a "watery" discharge which smells. Im Paranoid that others can smell it on me but i also think that being paranoid about it is making me smell it more.  This is also normal I do believe. Can be a sign of infection however. .... I'm feeling normal and well in myself so guessing it's all part of the healing process. 


As for what happens next? They will test the biopsy for cancer. If its clear you will be invited back in 6 months for a foloow up snear anf they will check you regularly for 5 years. Then you will be put bsck on 3 yesrly smears.

If cancer is present the  you will invited in to chat about what happens next.  The procedure would be to offer you an MRI to see "how far" the cancer has spread. And by the results of the MRI scan you will be given a grading of cancer and discuss treatments that are available. 

It's easy to say please don't worry. It's easy to say so many people have biopsies sent off and all comes back well! (Mine did 8 years ago) but I am scared. Very scared. Every day I'm waiting anxiously for the post.  Worried when my phone rings. Or even get scared when I receive a text (this is how I got my colposcopy appt..... a text..... "hi. This is an appt reminder..  your appt is on ......" 

Just try and put it to the back of your mind. And concentrate on seeing the new year in. And hopefully we won't be left waiting for the 6-8 weeks for results like we were told! 

Thinking of you xxx