what are the chances I have cancer after having 16?18 strand hpv for almost 2 yrs no treatment?

I go for my biopsy friday. i couldnt get seen due to medicaid lapse --Im really scared theyll say its cancer or like its stage 2.


I can't even function right now bc im so scared.


Sorry that you are feeling so bad at the moment.  No promises but, from what you say, you have a very small chance of having a microscopic cervical cancer that is easily treated and cured.  You have an even smaller chance of having an invasive cancer which could still  be fairly easy to treat and cure and a highly remote chance of a more advanced cancer that will need a lot of treatment but still with a good chance of being cured and a negligible chance of an incureable cancer.  Remember that most of what you read on this forum is about the unlucky few, statistically speaking.

All the best for Friday.