What are others experience 12 months after a Colposcopy?

Last year was my second year of having a smear test and it being HPV positive . However last year also hightlighted some abnormal changes in the smear test and i was referred to the hospital for a Colposcopy.
The Practitioner said that she wanted me to return to the hospital the following year (2023) for a smear test there not at the surgery. The results of the biopsy came back as NO CIN …

I recieved my hospital appointment about three weeks ago …thought nothing of it …until a nurse phoned from the department offering me a cancellation for my Colposcopy…

This took me aback as i thought it was just a smear test especially as i came back with no CIN …i asked to confirm and she said it was a smear test and colposcopy …is this regular practice ???

It sounds like it could be purely precautionary in case they missed any cells at the last colposcopy (as your smear did show abnormal cells). This sounds good to me it shows they are being extra vigilant, try not to worry.

I wish my experience was more like that I had a normal colposcopy no biopsy taken and sent back to 3 yearly smears, due to an admin error I was invited for one 18 months after and they found CIN3 and high grade changes which makes me think they missed something by not doing a biopsy.

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Thank you …I am awfully anxious and the wait for the biopsy results last time near finished me off.
I am sorry your experince wasn’t good. I guess i have to think of it this time next week it will be all over (appointment a week today)
Send you love and strength x Libby

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