What am I waiting for after Leetz


I had my first smear in April this year - abnormal result with High risk HPV
Colposcopy - biopsy taken - told not to worry all slow changing and nothing serious.
               - Results came back as Severe with CIN3 changes and high risk HPV.

Leetz - had the leetz last week, all went well, told the cells that were removed will be sent to the lab.

But what am I waiting for?? The nurse laughed when I said do I have cancer, she said no i don't - i already know the grade of changes from my bopsy at the colposcopy so what am i waiting to hear about my cells???

So confused,
Hayley x

Hi Hayley. From what I understand the biopsy just confirms what you have already been told. Just to confirm that they have removed it all xx 

She shouldn't have laughed at you, that was really rude of her...

Just to clarify what they have said to you. They always still have to test cells regardless x 

They may also test for clear margins so they know theyve removed it all x 

Yes its just a more thorough test as they have a bigger sample, and they make sure the margins (edges) are clear which tells them that they have got all of the offending cells. So really its a confirmation that the LLETZ was successful. Best of luck xxx

Thank you for your replies everyone, you have put me at ease :) xx