What actually *is* the watery discharge after LLETZ/diathermic excision

Like a lot of people on here, I’m currently experiencing the usual floods of watery discharge and smell that only I seem to be able to smell (I hope) after loop diathermic excision treatment. I’ve tried googling this for about an hour but I can’t find out what the fluid actually is.

Everything says that the watery discharge is normal but what is it? Pus? Mine doesn’t really have any blood in it (it’s clear) and I do think the smell is probably a normal vaginal one, just the liquid is in volumes vastly greater than any normal discharge would be but it’s sort of wigging me out and I guess I just want to know exactly what fluid it is?

(Only thinking pus possibly because of the cauterisation maybe causing blisters? I’m not a medical expert!)


I've been wondering that too as mine is watery and has little black bits in which I assume is bits of the scab coming away. Disgusting really :(

I thought I would have more bleeding than anything.

How long ago did you have your lletz? X

Thank goodness it's not just me! 

I've had 3 colposcopy appointments with little punch biopsies and I bled profuseley after each one and was expecting the same with LLETZ. 

I had my LLETZ on weds and ever since i have had floods of this vile watery discharge which is literally a bit like pee. Its horrible! Apologies for the tmi but after the procedure I felt little gushes and thought it would have been blood but no such luck!

I guess it could just be the kind of fluid you have in blisters? Would make sense considering we have had our lady bits burned but I wouldnt have expected this kind of quantity! Fingers crossed it wont last long!

I've had exactly the same thing! Literally been feeling as I've peed myself!! It had a really awful smell and I've had a horrible 'punched in the stomach' feeling. Luckily I work in a hospital and popped over to colposcopy who say the discharge is normal but not the smell. So now on antibiotics xxx