What actually *is* the watery discharge after LLETZ/diathermic excision

Like a lot of people on here, I’m currently experiencing the usual floods of watery discharge and smell that only I seem to be able to smell (I hope) after loop diathermic excision treatment. I’ve tried googling this for about an hour but I can’t find out what the fluid actually is.

Everything says that the watery discharge is normal but what is it? Pus? Mine doesn’t really have any blood in it (it’s clear) and I do think the smell is probably a normal vaginal one, just the liquid is in volumes vastly greater than any normal discharge would be but it’s sort of wigging me out and I guess I just want to know exactly what fluid it is?

(Only thinking pus possibly because of the cauterisation maybe causing blisters? I’m not a medical expert!)

I'm pretty sure it's from the solution they use and I think that's what the smell is too. Not 100% though xx