West Midlands - Informal Lets Meet?

I know there are afew of us in the Midlands and wondered if anyone would like to have a get together in the new year??

Any suggestions and location suggestions girls, lets see if we can do this and finally get to meet some of you wonderful ladies!!

Merry Christmas x

Emma x x x

Hiya hun,
I’d be interested in a meet up, I live over in derby but wouldn’t mind travelling down to your way, think its only an hour away.

Mel x

Ooooh me too! This would be about the nearest meet there has been to me. xx

I’m in! Anytime, anyplace anywhere!


YEAH!! I’m in definately Emma, fab idea!!
Be fab to meet you all xx

Hi all

I’m in Birmingham and would love to meet up with some of you lovely ladies, just let me know when and where.

Julie xx

Hi all…will post suggestions here in a while, maybe get rid of some snow and cold first! lol :slight_smile:

Thinking Brum will probably be a central place to meet so will look into places there or if anyone has any suggestions do let me know

Emma x x x

Im up for that too! Im in Cov, but bham is easy peasy for me :slight_smile:

Hi Emma

Are you looking for somewhere right in the centre of Birmingham or somewhere just outside that will probably have easier parking, let me know and i will have a think of some places.

Speak soon

Julie xx

Hi Jue :slight_smile:

Probably the centre of Brum :slight_smile: I dont drive and will be getting the train so anywhere not too far out of the city centre, although I know taxis are a damn sight cheaper than in Stratford! lol… :slight_smile:

Your thinking cap would be much appreciated as mine is being used with wedding preps at the minute! :slight_smile:

Emma x x x

I’m in Derby so I’m in! Keep us posted!

Hi all,

Any plans yet?

Mel x x

Are we all still on for this? I really want to meet you all so am bumping this up!

Have we agreed centre of Brum is best for all?? If so, do we prefer daytime meal or evening meal & lots of drinks :smiley: ??

I’m not fantastic with recommending places to go in Birmingham, any suggestions??.

Oh & a date?? xxx

Well date wise how about sometime in March? But not the weekend of the 26th as im in liverpool…

I vote evening for food and drinks but quite early - ill ask my fiance (ha!) a good place for food thats reasonbly priced but easy to get to from the station.

Just to say as well, anyone thinking of coming but who is a bit shy remember we are all in the same boat - I havent met any midlands Jos girls (I dont think!) so we can all be a bit nervous together. For those who dont have me on facebook, add me Paula Greenman.

me x

Ok, March 13th or 20th??? I’m ok for either…

Ask your FIANCE ( :smiley: ) Paula, I’m easy & will go anywhere…apart from I’m a veggie so don’t choose a steakhouse…oh & I detest curry so don’t choose an Indian either…you’ll probably wish I didn’t go!!!

Totally agree with Paula aswell regarding the nervous thing…I’ve been posting here for over 2 years, have shared so much with the girls here but have never met any of them, not a single solitary one :cry: , so please come along & support me :smiley: :smiley: !!

13th March would be better for me, its my mates 30th on the 20th.

As to where, i don’t know brum so can’t be any help with suggestions but i’ll eat anything!

Really looking forward to it

Mel x

Hi girlies can i come to???
Live in Leicester I drive but if drinking will catch the train haha x
Lianne xxx

More the merrier,
look forward to meeting you x x

13th sounds good to me. I’ll try & contact Emma & make sure she can make it then, seen as it was her idea in the 1st place :smiley: x

Hi Girlies… :slight_smile:

Saturday 13th March is good with me…Now where to go?? Paula thats your Job!! lol…Get asking Paul!! Any soldier gigs about that night?? lol x x

Centre of Brum think would be best for everyone, With a veggie menu, No indian (Jill…lol!)…oh and plenty of alcohol but not so much as I can’t get back on the train home!!

Just remember we are all in the same boat, so no nerves needed!! :slight_smile:

Love n hugs

Emma x x x

Add me on FB: Emma Dauris…Just put Jo’s in the request :slight_smile: