Well I chased for my results.......

Called the hospital this morning and had a strange conversaion.   The lady that answered the phone said she would look to see if my results were available and said oh, I can see you have been booked for a follow up colposcopy in 9 months !

She said she wasn't qualified to discuss results and couldn't see them on the system.   I said are you sure as the doc that I saw said I would need the proceedure to remove the abnormal cells.   So she said she would ask a colleague who may be able to speak to me

Another lady came on the phone and said my results are not on the system yet and are with the doctor for review.  Apparently the Doc has been on leave but any urgent matters have been looked at by other doctors.   I asked what this about a follow up colp in 9 months was about and she said she could see it has been booked but doesn't know why

She reckons it will be at least another week or so before I get results

So on the one hand this sounds encouraging if all they have done is book a follow up colp

BUT given my smear was High Grade Dyskaryosis and the Doc said moderate cell changes but they still need to come out I don't want to wait another 9 months.  Check me again in 3 maybe but not 9 - I am really confused by all this now

Grrrr just want to know !!



Hi Disey, they shouldn't make you wait 9 months if you do need treatment. I assume they'll bring it forward unless your biopsies come back cin 1. The people at your clinic sound really unhelpfull, i hope you get your letter soon so you know whats going on, good luck xxxxx

I had to go and see my GP today for something else so I asked him to check his system to see if he had any results and all he could see was the smear result.  I explained I had the colposcopy a month ago and the conversation I'd had with the clinic on Monday.   He said he would find out for me as he thought it was a shocking lack of communication.  When I said I was told that the Doc has been on holiday he threw his hands in the air and said oh well thats fine then, you just go on worrying yourself silly about dying then eh !  he was really quite miffed on my behalf.     I said I just want to know what is going on so I can plan what I am supposed to do.   I think he will try and find out for me he is a lovely GP and I have known him for over 20 years.

I actually went to see him as I have a real problem and pain in my lower back and groin area and its got worse the last 6 months,  i have really restricted movement now in my hip/groin area.  I said to him I am here to finally admit that I am getting old and my joints are not working properly and he said really !  I explained my problem and went on to say I have sat and read the Saga magazine in the waiting room to start the adjustment process for being over 50 - at which he put his head on the desk and started laughing, then he looked at me and started playing an imaginary violin !!  He has got to be about 60 odd himself so I guess I have to let him get away with that

Anyway, have gone entirely off topic - I feel better knowing I have my own surgery on the case so fingers crossed for some news soon



Hey disey!! Hopefully you will hear soon! Your doctor sounds lovely! I too have chased my reaults again. I called yesterday and was told someone would call me back. Well..... that phone call never came so I called again this morning only to be told the lady who did my colposcapy is on annual leave for 2 weeks!! They said there was nothing in her folder for me. So I guess its now just waiting till she comes back. Although the lady on the phone did say if I have not heard anything by now then to take it as no news is good news as the colposcapist wpuld have dealt with the more serious results before she went on holiday!!! Xx

Oh Disey,

u made me laugh!!

what a complete faff all of this has been for you! I hope he is able to finally get this sorted for you.

youre only as old as you feel... (I feel about 83 at the mo lol!!)


xxx dons