Welcome to the small cell cervical cancer forum

Hiya, I am Mel. I am 44. I had small cell carcinoma of the cervix stage 2B. I finished all my treatment 14 months ago. I was treated with chemo and radiotherapy. My treatment was successful and my last MRI in dec 2019 says I am still cancer free. My hair has grown back and it started touching my shoulders. I still can't believe I was bald a year ago. I am not sure what to say but I hope my post helps others in that you can and will get through this. My treatment was a whirlwind. I have 2 children age 6 and age 4. They were my focus. I focused on keeping them happy and their life as normal as possible and somehow I got through it. My family got through it. Cancer affects everyone, not just you, we somehow got through it together. If anyone wants to ask me questions please do. I am new to this forum. It's only now 14 months later that I am trying To process some of my experience. 

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