Weird tugging pain following loop excision

Hi ladies,

New to this forum. Had abnormal smear - CIN3 cells found - quite a large area was removed by loop excision on 10/3/16 under local anaesthetic. Had so much pain following the procedure, but the following day the pain had gone. However in the last couple of days When carrying my 14 month old daughter around I have felt a really strange, only mildly painful tugging feeling inside. Sort of lower abdomen on the right hand side. It’s hard to describe the feeling. Almost like when you are pregnant and feel baby turning inside but slightly more painful. I’m not sure if I’m just overdoing it a bit or if something is wrong. Has anybody felt anything similar? Only had a very slight pinkish discharge since the procedure, no real bleeding. Also, they have sent off the cells for biopsy; does anybody know how long roughly I will wait for results? So worried X

Hi there

Yes, I had something similar, if I lifted anything a bit heavy after the procedure. It lasted for a week or two. I guess it's probably healing up and you feel it when you pull it a bit, like you would if you had a scab on your skin. It didnt last too long, probably 2 weeks max.

Quite a few people don't have much discharge immediately afterwards then it kicks in around day 10 but I think we're all different on that one. You're probably lucky that's all you've got and not anything more icky ;-)

As for the wait for results, it depends where you are I think. I waited 2 weeks roughly, but there are people on here who waited for, so I think it just depends how busy the lab in your area is.

Good luck, and hope that you get good news.

I've just had my 6 month post-LLETZ smear results and it's all good - no more bad cells and no HPV found :-) It does seem to be a very effective treatment

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