Weight loss

I’m here again with my questions.
Hopefully I’ll stop driving you all mad soon…

Is weight loss inevitable during chemoradiation? I don’t want to lose any weight.


I think it really depends on how well you're doing with the treatment. there are a lot of factors such as one day you lose your appetite due to chemo and being poorly and the next day you feel better and try to take advantage by eating a lot of yummy food and eating healthy:)

my wife actually gained a few pounds during the course of her treatment but then sadly lost most of it at the end of her treatment being poorly having a spinal headache due to the epidural during brachtheraphy(do not worry because it is quite uncommon) 

hope it helps! 




Hi Philleepa,

I would say that a bit of weight loss is likely but not inevitable and that it certainly need not be dramatic. I know that Carmel suffered very badly indeed but she was on a very different treatment plan from yours. And with yours being only four and not five weeks you are likely to suffer less with the whole nausea/diarrhoea/loss of appetite situation. And when it's over you'll be able to put some cuddly pounds back on again :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi, everyone is diffrent I think losing some weight is normal with all the stress and worry of what your going through. I've lost over 7 stone - I went down to 6st but that was because I had such a rough time with the chemo and being sick - I also had a lot of infections which made me not want to eat. I've put on nearly 2st since if felt better though!

I would advise DON'T eat your favourite food whilst going through chemo as the treatment can change your taste buds it did mine and now I don't like half the things I use to.

Eat as much as you can when you feel like you can eat as when you can't eat you lose the weight - before hand I couldn't lose weight it was so hard but since I was diagnosed I've lost it all.

If you get sickness and the tablets from the chemo don't work tell your nurse/doctor straight away as I found it so hard to get a hold on my sickness - I had injections and 8 diffrent tablets before I found something that worked for me.

Always listen to your body - sounds weird now but you will understand what I mean later on.

I hope you don't lose weight xx

I was trying many diets, exercises for weight loss, but I'm kinda lazy :P


2 months ago i found green coffee plus (producer website - igreencoffee.pl) and that really helped me


Now when i'm slim I feel more confident too :)