Weight gain

Hi all 

I have stage 4 Cervical Cancer and totally understand my prognosis 

The background is

I had 6 sessions of radiotherapy in December followed by 6 sessions of Chemo (Paclitaxel & carboplaton) - my last one was on 23rd May

I had a scan after no.3 which showed excellent results so I am not being scanned again until early July 


I am however feeling very low about the huge amount of weight that's piling on.  Prior to being diagnosed I was very active (but got very tired) and had actively lost over 5 stone in weight.  Since Dec I have put on over 25lbs and nothing fits!  The moan area of weight gain is from my bust/back to my hips.   I know it's not just cake!!! My legs which have always been naturally skinny have also expanded 


Does anyone know what the timescale is for the steroids to stay in the body and how easy (or not) it is to loose the weight afterwards.


I know to some this is such a small payoff for still being here, but it's not mailing my feel good about myself and it seems daily that things won't fit.  Bras that were huge a few weeks ago strain to do up around the back (cups are fine)


I know the Drs are actually ok so far about the weight gain as they say it shows the chemo etc is working 


I'm trying to be as active as I can but I don't have massive energy and I'm also watching my diet but not being stupid either way.


I'm 52 


Sorry for the long post




Hi Sue,

I finished treatment two weeks ago, diagnosed with 2b CC and two lymph nodes effected.

I lost three stone last year now I've gone up nearly two dress sizes!!!!! And my face looked like a full moon, not to mention my double chins. I hardly recognised my face in the mirror. Im down to just a few outfuts that fit. Had to break in to my fat bag ( old clothes from before losing weight)

These past few days I've noticed the weight starting to drop off. I'm more active again, watching my diet and of course haven't been taking those steroids for a number of weeks now. I think it's going to take time, but it's starting.

 BTW profile PIC was taken four months before diagnosis. Lol I don't look like that at the moment.

Good luck Sue :-)

Nicky x

Thank you Nicky for your reply. 


It's really frustrating when clothes are not fitting.   I'm on holiday at the mo but have just bought some diaretics to see if they will help and as soon as I'm home I'm going to ring oncologist and check I don't need a drain... But I agree it's definitely the steriods so maybe having this break from Chemo and therefore steriods maybe I too will start to loose again 


Again, thank to so much x