Week after loop, no letter or call.... Maybe a good thing?

Hi everyone,

Have been worrying lots the past week( might sound silly) it’s been a week since my loop treatment and i haven’t heard anything…? Do you think I may be alright? Surely if it was anything bad they would have contacted by now???

The reason I ask this is, in have read alot of womans posts and timelines for treatment/ dates etc ( I know everyone situation is totally different) and alot of woman seem to have been contacted quite soon after if it’s anything bad, two or three day quick!
Everyday days feels so long and drawn out, I pray that the postman doesn’t come to my door, or that my phone doesnt have a blocked number calling it… !

If anyone has any info or advice at this time of my waiting game, I would be really grateful for it, any experience as as we know anything is possible  thank you xx

Hi, it took about 2-3 weeks to get my LLETZ results, but I guess it varies from hospital to hopsital. which is why women's experiences vary. The pathologists need a certain amount time to check the tissue as they look for clear margins.You can be sure that if there was something they needed to see you urgently about they'd be in touch very quickly.

I know how hard the waiting game is though and that anxious feeling when you see the post on the mat. 

Take care x

after my procedure they gave me a letter and numbers which i could call if i wanted any information. 

you may want to ring your hospitals colposcopy department just to ask how long results can take just so u dont worry too much.


fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

Thanks ladies your replies mean alot, I’m going to ring the hospital tomorrow to see if maybe they are back? Or how long they really think they will be. It’s driving me mad, I feel like I’m holding back on doing things as I fear the worst I know you should think posative and really normally am quite that, but normally things are always happening to people around me and I’m the strong one who helps them through it all… It’s never the other way round. So to be I. This position is testing my strength and I am actaully quite astonished how weak I am!

I hope you both are ok, and thanknyou again for your kind time xxxxx

I know it's difficult, but please try not to worry. Each clinic is different. I know some women on this site have had their results back in a couple of weeks, but I've only just got mine back - 6 weeks after my loop diathermy. Luckily they gave me the all clear & said the CIN II they found has all been removed with clear margins & I have to go back in 6 months for a smear. I think it's pretty unusual for results to take that long though. I hope you get some good results through soon Hun! I know its hard & I was terrible for worrying the whole time but try hard to think positive! x


That’s great that you got good news, I can’t imagine how pleased you are, I know the worry just don’t go but it’s a little hurdle done.
Thank you so much for your supportive message, it’s only this site and the fantastic ladies on it that dilute my worries. The other world( everyday life and people) have t a clue how you feel( why would they?) but with out them knowing it they sometimes make things a little harder. I just want these results back, inhope they come soon.

Thank you again xxx