Week after lettz cin 3

I had lettz treatment last Friday (3/7/15) under GA, due to the amount of con 2 and 3 I had, Friday after noon I felt fine after getting out of hospital, but as the weeks gone on the pain has just got worse, didn't bleed after surgery until 2 days later, pain now is quite bad at times, and quite often just on my left side, also I know it sounds disgusting but it also just seems to have a horrible smell, bleeding is a fair bit, although doesn't fill up a pad but when you go to the toilet there seems to be more of the tissue that is bright red, was just wondering if this is normal? 

Hi ya, it sounds like you may have an infection. you'll more than likely require an antibiotic. contact your doctor for advice. I hope it settles down for you. 

Thank you, it felt weird writing it down as it sounds so disgusting, but I thought better safe to ask than just leave it, thank you will take your advice and ring doctors 

Never feel weird or embarrassed talkumg about something that's worrying you. I hope you feel better and remember your not alone. Hope you get sorted soon, then you'll really feel better!!

go asap and get antibiotics, I ended up at the hospital yesterday having silver nitrate put the on the wound to stop the bleeding, i had an infection and its still not gone. I am now taking two lots of antibiotics. make sure you take them all xxx

thank you, hope yours is getting sorted now your on antibiotics! 

I did go to the doctors, he gave me antibiotics, but told me to stop them 3 days early so I could drink for my birthday night out so going back on them in the morning! But I believe they've help as it all seems to have got a lot better, now I only have a little bit of watery  / brown left on the pad

So fingers crossed! Good luck with yours x