Week 4 done

Just finished week 4 of chemo rads and still smiling and feeling fine only had 1 anti sickness tablet this week 1week and 3 bracky fingers crossed I still feel this good :):) xx

Well done, nearly there! I hope I do as well as you. Am really worried it is going to make me feel awful, which is a small price to pay I know, but I feel so 'normal' at the moment! How have you dealt with that and did you feel well prior to start of treatment? All still feels surreal. Meeting with oncologist and gynae on Tuesday to discuss treatment and fertility options. Am sure it will all feel very real soon enough.

Rachel xx

Hi rachh81 I was fine starting treatment am not going to lie the first 2 weeks of chemo were hard feeling sick and bowel movements I stopped taking the steroid tablets thay have me as I did not need them week 3/4 have been fine yhe sickness has gone thank god :)) hope your treatment goes as well as mine big hugs xxx

Hi Cvs, well done to you, it's really good to hear you are coping ok, I hope the next few weeks work out as well for me.

Good luck and big hugs xxx

Still rooting for you!

Be lucky