Week 3 done and dusted

Hi all I have just finished week 3 of my chemo and raidiation treatment apart from feeling a little sick and tired I feel quit good :):) only 2 weeks to go and I can say good bye to that horrible car drive back and forth to clatter bridge hospital just hope my check ups our in my local hospital xxx

Sorry for what you have been going through. Stay strong and I hope you are better really soon. Thanks for sharing, you sound very positive which is lovely to read x

Way Hay! :-)

Past the halfway mark! You're going great guns! Give yourself a pat on the back and a treat!

Be lucky :-)



Hi Cvs, well done, you will soon be past the finish line and celebrating.

Big hugs. xxx

Hi CV's

Glad to hear you are still feeling well at the end of week 3.  I am too, and feel blessed to actually still feel so well at this stage, and to have suffered so few side effects to this harsh treatment. I feel like I am on the home strait now, and it's on to Brachytherapy x 3.  It'll be good to actually know what has been happening during that time, and just how effective the treatment has been,

Have a lovely treatment free weekend, and hopefully weeks 4 & 5 go by as quickly and side effect free too,

Stay strong & positive,

Feisty xx