Weeing after an RH...advice needed!

Hello lovely people!

I had a RH on 12th Dec and they took the catheter out yesterday. I begged them to - the original plan was that it would come out today but my urethra was really hurting.

They checked I could empty my bladder....mostly! They estimated 40ml was left in the first time and 98ml the second. I've done several wees since and each time it takes a while to get going and is then a bit dribbly. I've been trying very hard to be patient and get rid if as much wee as possible. Really worried about getting an infection or having some kind of bladder problem. I'm also starting to feel my urethra is getting sore and stingy - I wonder if I'm trying too hard!

Does anyone have reassurance or advice? Maybe I'm expecting too much? Wink

Kirsty x

Hi Hun, I had a similar problem after my RH. I was taught how to self catheterize to make sure my bladder emptied fully. I did this for around a month, I basically had to retrain my bladder, reducing the amount I SC until I could empty my bladder fully. My gyn doc said that they basically played ping pong with my bladder during my operation to make sure they got it all and that was what caused my problems. I'm ok now but do need to wear tena ladies frequently as I tend to leak sometimes. If your problem continues then I would speak to your doc as you will be more prone to UTI s as well. If it's stingy you may have the start of an infection. All the best and I wish you a speedy recovery, lea xxxx

Hi Lea,

Self catheterising sounds scary! It's early days for me but how did you know you needed to go down that route? I can't tell whether I'm leaving lots of wee in there.

Kirsty xx

I mentioned my problems to my gyn doctor, i.e. the feeling of not emptying my bladder after visiting the toilet. She sent me to see my Macmillan nurse who inserted a catheter and my bladder was holding just under 400ml. That's when they taught me how to do it myself. I still sometimes do it just to make sure I'm fully emptying and so far so good. Lea xx

Hey hon,

I'm still not weeing normally! Had same thing for quite a while, feeling like couldn't fully go. I tend to sit a bit longer and more comes along! Still just a dribble sometimes! I don't think you could be normal today having just had had catheter out; just watch out for strong smell, cloudy urine etc. I think bit of stingy to be expected so soon after removal.


Molly xxx

Thanks, Molly. I know I'm probably expecting too much, too soon. I'm just being hypervigilant about possible hiccups. I just need to chill! :)


Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty 

I too have had problems with the old water works since my op, I'm 6 weeks post op on wed and things have settled down a lot but still have to sit quite a while before I empty my bladder.

i also had a lot of stomach pain as well, I was treated for a UTI after the first week but it's more of s dragging sensation sometimes a small contraction like pain.. Same when I empty my bowl... Me and Molly above are very familiar with one another's toilet habits now haha

it does gradually get easier, fingers crossed its soon for you 

Sarah xxx

I had the same problem to begin with and at one point was in tears because I thought the catheter was going back in. I'm now 5 weeks past rh and it seems to be back to normal. I found it quite stingy and uncomfortable to begin with. I begged to have it out early as well just a day as I found it soo uncomfortable it will get better :). 



Thanks, lovelies! I feel reassured and relaxed - I love this forum! 

Sarah, isn't it great that there's no such thing as too much information amongst us lot? These are times when you really need to be able to discuss bladder and bowel habits fully! ;)

Happy weeing, everyone!

Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty

The best tip I was given was when you think you have finished weeing, sit a bit longer and lean forward ..( chest to knees style)

It worked for me

Good luck x


Thanks,  Kath. Good tip!  :)

Kirsty x 

I have a tip!!!! Sounds strange...take a mug half full with water and a thin drinking straw to the loo, empty your bladder as much as you can and when you feel it is stopping, blow into the straw firmly to make bubbles with the water try to relax as much as possible! It works! H xxx

Excellent! Definitely trying that. Thanks, Helsweld! ;)

Kirsty xx