Wedding dilemma

HI all. Wondering if anyone can share with me their experience of chemo/radio? I have a big issue in that my wedding is on the 27th of June this year!!! My hysterectomy is not going to take place for at least another 3 weeks. Being 29 years old they have delayed it for 3 weeks so I can have my eggs harvested.

However, after my 6 week recovery from surgery I will be having 6 weeks of chemo\radiotherapy which brings me very close to my big day!

I will have 1-2 week max to recover from everything. I’m wondering if anyone things Its at all possible that I will be well on the 27th june. No idea what to expect or how poorly im going to get. Thank you all in advance xxx

If it helps Hon, I was in the gym less than a week after my radio finished! All depends on how your body handles it! I'd stick with the date, for something to focus on and look forward to! Xxx

i agree with Helsweld, i am just about half way through my chemo and radio and i am managing fine. I would say keep the date, it will keep you busy while you have your treatment and what a lovely thing to have to focus on! x

Hi Nad,

So sorry that you have this to deal with when most people are doing intricate wedding plans, but as the others have said, the vast majority of us handle chemo-rads with not much more than a bat of the eyelid. Though of course it has to be said that a few women do get a surprisingly rough ride. There is a chance that at 1 - 2 weeks following six weeks of chemo-rads that you might still be having a bit of bowel-urgency, so if you can't plan to be within a quick dash of a loo, then you might want to think about some medication for the day.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day - it will certainly be one to remember :-D

Be lucky :-)