Weak Bladder - Especially at night!

Hi Ladies,

I am almost 4 weeks from finishing treatment, and whilst I had no bladder issues through treatment (no stititus or urgency that I was warned about) I now have a very weak bladder…

It is most noticeable at night as I would usually sleep up to ten hours and not use the bathroom prior to treatment, but now I am going twice during the night, and as I wake up I feel urgency.

I have also had to come home from shopping as I was so desperate.

I feel I am not able to hold it very long, and the bathroom during the night is really bothering me.

I have no burning, just the increase in frequency and urgency…

Did anyone else experience this? Will it get better? Does anyone have tips?

Thanks in advance x x

I am guessing you've had chemorads. I think this is pretty common, even if during treatment you were ok bladder-wise. I found after treatment I was up 5 times a night, but it's now down to once or twice (I'm just over 3 months past treatment). Four weeks is still quite early (although it's hard to be patient), so I would think you will start to feel an improvement in another couple of weeks. The radiotherapy keeps working for a while after treatment, so the effects don't ebb away straight away. I think overall it is a combination of the radiation (in terms of the urgency) and menopause - I read somewhere that the hormones that govern us at night, and make our 'need to pee' sensors switch off, diminish with menopause, so we wake up if our bladders start to twitch rather than hold on and sleep through it. I've tried cutting down on fluids in the evening, but I'm aware that I do need to keep fluids up and keep flushing out those nasty (but life saving) toxins treatment fills us with, so in my case I'm just trying to bear with it. I have found my ability to get up, pee, then go straight back to sleep has improved, which at least is something! There may be medications available, so if it's really bothering you it would be worth asking your medical team if it doesn't settle down.

Anne x 

Hi I had my last brachy mid August had terrible burning to the extent I was in tears and dreaded going to the toilet.

i have now noticed the weak bladder want to go all the time and up 2/3 times in the night. Can only hope that this gets better with time. Just wanted to let you know you are not on your own.




Hi all

im over a year post chemorads. Hang in there it will get better but it does take time. I found it would get better then go back and then get better again. Now, I can sleep 6 hrs before having a strong urge and can even roll over and go back to sleep if I feel a slight urge. Do strengthen your bladder by trying to stop mid pee and start again when you can remember during the day as this will help significantly. 

all the best

Hi Camilla, 

I had an hour bladder day and night after brachy. Only frequency. It took a few months to settle. It's still not 100 percent but it's heaps improved nearly 4 months after treatment.