“Watery” stomach

Hi Ya’ll,

I’m currently 7 weeks post treatment for 3c and suddenly, can’t seem to be away from a bathroom for any length of time. Stomach cramps and diahrea to the max. I didn’t really have bowel issues during treatment, but ugh, this has been going on the past two weeks and my pelvic floor physio person said it’s still likely radiation side effects. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing/has dealt with this, and if so, if anything helped? Diet? Drugs? Is this something I have to look forward to…forever now?

Also, the term “watery stomach” is what I used to call in sick with work with when I was younger, if I wanted a day off without going into too much detail, lol.

Thanks for any insight and sorry for the TMI!

Hi Elroo, It does take a few weeks for things to settle down after treatment finishes. I found it took probably about a good three months before bowels started to settle and even now ( a year after treatment) can still be quite funky at times! It is a harsh treatment and does take quite a while for the effects to settle down but just take everything one day at a time and you will one day suddenly realise that actually things have improved. Good luck and keep going, it will get better xxx


During treatment I had terrible poo explosions. After I suffered on and off. It did get better eventually. I now realise being 3 yrs out the other side it was more or less hormonal imbalances. Whenever I’ve had a bleed or my HRT wasn’t right/not enough I’ve had the poo explosions. When they are right my stomach has been extremely settled.

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Hi @Elroo I finished treatment for stage 3c2 last June and my bowels have only gotten worse as time goes on. I was recently diagnosed with bowel acid malabsorbtion and radiation vessels all over the inside of my bowels and have a ct colonography next week to check for scarring, inflammation etc as they had to stop my colonoscopy half way through due to severe cramping. Unfortunately radiation bowel disease is a really common side effect, especially for ur stage. If it doesn’t settle over the next few weeks, ask ur consultant for a referral to gastroenterology. When u get ur referral app, ask about bile acid malabsorbtion cus it’s really common but really under diagnosed. I hope u start to fell better soon. X

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I’ve just developed this at 7 months post treatment for stage 3b. The pain can be almost unbearable and it’s very lucky that I work from home as I have to literally run to the loo. I was wondering it it could be IBS but my CNS thinks its side effects.

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