Watery discharge (quite a lot!) and burning pain- worried about recurrence

Hello- I am having a rubbish week!!

It started with aches and pains… which got my head in a spin. I ended up in a&e with suspected appendicitis. After a few tests and discussions- they went down the ovarian cyst route instead.

Bloods- clear
Ultrasound- looks ok
Internal ultrasound- looks ok- I do have a small ovarian cyst but nothing to worry about.

The one symptom I didn’t discuss with them- last night I had done discharge- (this was before the internal ultrasound) I didn’t think much of it…

Today- I’m really having some watery discharge! It is clear and doesn’t smell… but it is very much there!! I also have burning around my poor foof (vulva :joy:) so am starting to stress!!
The burning is very on and off- as is the discharge- but like I said… it’s enough for me to feel it happen if that makes sense??!

As much reassurance as I get- I can’t help but worry… I really hope someone can help- have you had similar and all ok??

I did a canesten BV/thrush test that seemed clear- so don’t think it’s that!!

My last vault smear was July- all clear
Last MRI- March- all clear

I had a radical hysterectomy and kept one ovary. Stage 1b2- coming up to two years clear (EVERYTHING CROSSED!!)


Sorry to hear. I hope you have managed to get some answers xx