Watery discharge after treatment

Hello Ladies,
I’m looking to see if anyone can help me.
I was diagnosed with 1b1 cc at the beginning of January with my treatment starting in Feb (6 Cisplatin, 25 Ext radio and 4 brachy). Before diagnosis I had no signs of anything being wrong until I passed a large clot and went for a smear test that my dr was unable to perform as I started bleeding. I was taken to hospital from my drs surgery and was told there and then that I had the dreaded C.
Treatment was kind to me as I felt fine throughout and didn’t suffer from any side effects but I noticed a very small amount of watery discharge a couple of days after my final brachy session and asked my gp if this was okay to which she replied that she thought it was to be expected after all the treatment I had just finished (not very convincingly I may add).
Well, the watery discharge has only increased as time has gone on. It comes on when I go to sit in my car and when I bend over…almost feels as though I’m wetting myself with the toilet. It is almost clear, very watery but when dry it has a yellow outline (sorry for the tmi). Last week it looked as though it was light brown but has returned to yellow again over the weekend.
I phone my radiotherapy nurse at the hospital a couple of weeks ago and all she told me was that it could get worse after using dilators and being on my feet alot but never actually reassured my as to why I was getting it in the first place. My check up is in 2 weeks but having read lots of ladies experiences on this forum, I wondered if anyone could shed any light on this for me.
I’m sooo worried that this is a sign that I still have cc and that my treatment was unsuccessful…I’ve never had any discharge before or during treatment.
Has anyone experienced this themselves?


I just wanted to re assure you, i have this as well, strangely enough always in the evening!!

I had similar sort of treatment to yourself for 2b CC but only one session of Brachy.

None of my team seem conerned about it, i had my first check up two weeks ago with an internal examination, my consultant couldnt see any sign of cancer.

I get the feeling it is just one of those things we have to live with, i hope it gets better over time.



Hi.  I have exactly the same problem about every one to two weeks.  I had it checked out and what I was told is that scar tissue stops our normal fluids dispersing in the usual way so they build up and eventually gush through.  Mine sometimes is a bit pinky/brown and they think that is from the dilators breaking down the scar tissue.  I was told it was nothing to worry about and quite common.

Hope that helps.




Sorry I cant offer you anything further. Just to let you know that I have this too but my check up isnt until next week so havent spoken with anyone about it yet.

Pleased with the replies as I was worried about it too.


Take care x

Thanks for the replies ladies...what would we all do without this forum? It is invaluable. Thanks again x


Hi Sunshine Join the club I had just asked this uestion and then saw your post I have the same problem its reasuring to know it must be normal after Treatment. Thanks for asking the question. I wish you all the best for your hospital appointment let us know how you get on I am waiting on my appointment for 6 week checkup. xx

I have the same, always seems to be worse after I've been to the gym. I had a check up with my oncologist last week, he did an examination and said there's no sign of cancer. He said the discharge was just part of the heali process. Just another lovely side effect xx

Hello again ladies,

I've had my check up a couple of weeks ago and after an internal with oncologist, I was put into remission. When I mentioned this discharge to him he said it would probably disappear once I started on hrt. I've now been on hrt for 2 weeks and not only has the discharge continued  but I'm also getting it from my back passage aswell. I know we dont all like to talk about things like this but I'm worried sick about it and would really appreciate some feedback.



Was just searching this exact symptom and saw your post, I know you posted a few years back but was the discharge normal? I wasn’t given NED at my 3 months scan, they said there was still an abnormality, so I have my 6 month scan tmrw. I’m also scared as I had quite a bad bleed after sex the other day, so I’m worried :disappointed: Hope you are well xx