Wasting my life

Evening all,

i was just wondering if many other people post treatment suffer with fear daily? I feel like I am wasting my life worrying about my cancer coming back and that I'm going to die. I was ok til recently, my friend who had the same stage has been clear over a year and it's come back 

In curable it's set me off thinking this will happen to me I am sick with worry! Sorry about the 2 posts bloody iPad! Is there any advice someone can give me on how to cope? Thanks xx

Hi there,

The worry is horrible isn't it.

Have you ever considered counselling. I am lucky that in my local area there is a charity that offers free counselling for people affected by cancer. Google will probably throw up some counsellors for you.


Good Luck





Just read your post. It is scary. I am a year in remission now but the fear is still there. Everything reminds me of it. I am currently having counselling, unfortunately not specific for cancer as there is nothing in my local area. But I am finding it helps to talk to a stranger about it. I think my friends and family think I should be over it by now... ..... 

Wishing you all the best xx 

Fear is horrible! It is there most of the time, is there a way to cope better- maybe...