Wasn't sure where to post this..

I posted in the old Jo's forum after being freaked out at my last smear. A lovely lady responded to me.

I had my last smear just over 2 years ago, when the nurse took it she said don't be surprised if you are called back, it looks as if you have slight Dsykariosis.  Anyway, I was lucky, the smear came back normal, I would be lying if I said I had forgotten totally but I was reassured that there can be many reasons for redness of the cervix.  I had come off of the pill fairly recently.

My hubbie had a vasectomy nearly 2 years ago.  I am 40 and since I came off of the pill I have had incredibly heavy periods (my sister suffers the same), she has been checked as our matenal grandmother died from womb cancer.

I don't think it's every time (although the days and weeks blur) but 2-3 times that we have had sex in the last few months I have had a slight pink tinge afterwards (not bleeding) it has gone by the next morning.  I have always assumed (due to timings) it is a show of my period due within a few days but I have never paid much attention.  I have no pain, the odd twinge but nothing more.

I have an appointment booked with the nurse tomorrow but am slightly concerned, is this bleeding after sex?  I am not sure even if it is me, maybe it is hubbie!  Does anyone have advice?


Hi littleanne73


Just wondering how you got on with the nurse?