Washing post-LLETZ


Sorry for another post!

I had lletz yesterday and they told me to shower not bath for 4 weeks... however i forgot to ask about washing down there!  When i google information is around no baths or douchinh  Usually i use natural soap in the shower... is this ok?!


Thanks :)

I was told I could bath! 

You can have a bath, just no bubble bath or products in the bath. I would use a natural soap too, like Dove, and not wash in there but over there, if that makes sense xxxxxx

I was  no bath! Can I bath in just completely clean water??

Hi blossom, yes. I had baths after my Lletz and I was told I could, just no products in the bath. I used to have a soak first then at the end when I was getting washed I just used to stand up, wash myself, then get out xxxxx

Oh wow! I'll give it till next week to be on the safe side (two weeks post LLETZ) and I'm so doing that! I feel that area needs a good soak in clean water yanno!

Ah sorry, i must have got the no bath but wrong then!

Washing with natural soup. No negative repercussions so far! Did decide to take a laxative though to combat the constipation from GA and have ended up with vomiting, stomach cramps and diahhrea! Oops :/ may need to make it 4 days off of work even though that part is my own fault.. :(

I know LLETZ is different from LEEP but I was also told not to bath for at least 2 weeks. Is it possible to do a bath without products? Has anyone that had a LEEP done attempted a bath afterwards? It's been a bit over a week since my procedure. I would love a bath SOOO MUCH RIGHT NOW! My neck is aching from a 2-day migraine and I would love a warm bath.