Warty Features

Hi, my smear came back with boarder line changes and high risk HPV (not 16 or 18) I was sent for a colposcopy and biopsies were taken, but she mentioned 'warty features'? I stupiidly didn't ask what this ment while there can anybody explain? I maybe sound naive but I thought warts were an STD i've had a full STD screen which was clear so a bit confussed?

Thanks x


Dont quote me as I'm quite new to all this aswel but from what iv read warts are caused by a HPV virus. Not a clue what strain though sorry. HPV isn't tested for during a STD check as pretty much all of us will come into contact with it at some pointy. Iv found the staff at colposcopy very helpful so maybe give the person you saw a ring and just go over it with her. I'm sure they'll be happy to help with any questions. Sorry I'm not much use to you but hopefully somebody who knows more may be intouch shortly.


Hi Kel

After my biopsy showed "evidence of HPV damage" I rang my STD clinic and asked if I could be tested to see whether I still had active wart virus. I didn't want to pass on a potentially life threatening virus to any one else and so I put relationships on hold.  The clinic told me they don't offer such a test.  It's not part of their repertoire.  Yes, the HPV virus is sexually transmitted for the most part, and so could well be called an STD, but it's not included in the list of "usual suspects" Syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV, Chlamydia etc.   Most strains don't have the potential to cause cancer,  Obvious warts can be treated, but preventing spread of the virus - not easy. 

Warty features - well the virus causes visible damage to the cervix when viewed through their microscopes.  It makes abnormal cell growth happen - Intra epithelial neoplasm is the medical term for it.  The damage is typical of a wart virus infection.  That's what the coment meant.  They can see changes to your cervix that are typical of wart virus damage.  Removing the damaged cells during a leep procedure is a very successful way of dealing with the problem, and I know in my case I've had no recurrence (I had CIN III) since my cone biopsy several years ago now. 

Fingers crossed your treatment wil be just as successful in getting rid of the problem for you.


Thank you. Still waiting for the results, ive spoken to my nurse who put my mind at ease, think its just the word that worries